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The CTV news clip about re-introducing Elk into the Eastern Fraser Valley near Harrison Mills.




Well for the most part, the hunting opportunities are coming to a close for 2015. There are still some opportunities for waterfowl and upland birds in certain regions. You can refer to your hunting regs and check out the remaining opportunities.

I am happy to report that I was successful in my mule deer hunt so have a little bit of venison for the freezer anyways!

With the hunting opportunities coming to an end for the season, I typically start shifting my thinking to what I can do in order to get prepared for next year’s opportunities starting in the spring. Things like checking all of my gear and replacing things that I have wrecked, sharpening my hunting knives and making my Christmas list for any hunting goodies I feel I need.

Whether you shoot a bow, black powder, centre fire rifle, rimfire, etc, I think the most valuable thing you can do in the off season is practicing your shooting skills. I have been hunting for over 30 years and was taught to shoot by my father, uncles and grandfather. Now no disrespect to any of those fine gentlemen however none of THEM were taught the correct way to shoot so I started to question the tips they were passing down to me. One of the absolute best things I have ever done for my marksmanship was to take a formal, long range shooting course. The course I took was offered in Alberta so not that practical for most of our club members however the results were amazing! Simple things like being taught the correct way to pull a trigger, control your breath and hold steady on the rifle took me from shooting 6 rounds into about a 12” diameter at 200 yards to putting 3 rounds practically in the same hole at that same distance! I am still by no means an expert however the techniques I learned in that course have made me an exponentially better marksman and I look forward to continually sharpening this skill. If anyone is aware of firearms training being offered on the lower mainland, please let me know at: HOMESHOP@telus.net

The main reason that I love to hunt and fish is that I love the gratification from harvesting my own food and knowing where it comes from. (That and I love to eat!). I was lucky enough to harvest a few pheasants this season and tried the recipe shown below over this past weekend, which I thought turned out great! I substituted wild rice for the potatoes but otherwise I pretty much followed this:


Hope you all have a great holiday season! Until next year.