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The river was very high this past week so that kept many of us off the water. It could possibly continue to rise if the rain shows up this weekend, as predicted but next week looks a little more promising. The river will start to come into shape once the temperature drops, which we are expecting in the early to middle part of the week. That combined with minimal rain in the forecast for the beginning of the week should make for some favourable conditions. Be sure to watch the river levels closely and time your trip appropriately.

The key to success for early steelheading on the Chilliwack is covering tons of water and casting everywhere. Start at the head of the run and work your way down to the tail out. When casting, work the water like a grid, casting in close and working your way out. Walk down river and repeat.



The Squamish has been getting hit hard with rain this week and even though the river is dropping right now it is still above what we consider fishable levels. There is another bump of rain in the forecast for tomorrow and unfortunately we do not expect the river to be in shape this weekend. That said temperatures are looking to dip down to seasonal norms in the latter part of next week, which should help bring the river down quickly to a fishable level. When it does we should see some excellent bull trout fishing. There is some snow predicted near the end of the week so be sure you are prepared if you are heading to the upper river.



With the deluge of winter rain bombarding us this past week, many of the anglers who ventured out to this system this past week we’re met with somewhat high and stained water.

This system is dam controlled so it doesn’t always blow out from the rain, but depending on the levels in the dam, they may sometimes do releases excess water. This is important to know in the case you have ventured out onto a small island.

If you have waded, make a visual note along the shoreline to keep an eye on levels. Even a simple stick with a knot in it jammed into the mud or bank can help you to notice an increase in height.

Due to heavy rain, a lot of anglers have been busy getting geared up for steelhead season. Courtesy of Pacific Anglers

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