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The North Shore Fish & Game Club has been actively involved in stream maintenance and habitat protection on MacKay creek in North Vancouver for many years. Our first incubation system was in operation on the creek in 1981 and remained there until 2003 when heavy flooding destroyed that operation.

Volunteers from both the North Shore Fish & Game club & the North Shore Streamkeepers have been working on a Salmon Enhancement program from a new hatchery facility out of Heywood Park in North Vancouver for the past 2 years,
The volunteers work continuously from October to March of the following year. Surveys are conducted in October & November on returning spawning chum salmon. also in October this is generally the time to place new chum eggs in the incubation trays.

The eggs after going through various stages of development emerge as fry, at this point they are transferred to a large tub filled with  recirculating creek water to be fed until they are of sufficient size to be released. 38,600 chum fry were released into MacKay creek in March of 2013. This whole procedure will take place again this fall, with the addition, that for the first time pink salmon will be included in the Salmon Enhancement Program

The Conservation and Enhancement committee work on conserving the beauty and habitat value of MacKay creek and at the same time sustain the recreational and educational value of the creek. The object is to raise public awareness and promote community pride in the creek from the estuary to its source, so that the community itself will help monitor the creek and protect it from future abuse.


Fish Release 2018



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On Nov 26th Sandie bought in 38,000 eyed Pink eggs from the Capilano Hatchery, these were placed in trays in the old hatchery adjoining the new facilities building.
With Sandie supervising this was accomplished by Rodger, Ron Den Daas, Brian, Glenn, Wayne and myself.
Forthwith our group of volunteers will be carefully monitoring both the Chum eggs and these newly arrived Pink eggs.
Our thanks to everyone who is helping out with this project.