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Firstly remember to get your 2018-2019 license before you go fishing in April. These can only be obtained on line & be very careful to get the 2018-2019 version as the 2017-2018 license offered, is the default one If you do make this mistake good luck in getting your cash back.

Please let me know how many will be in your party for Silva Bay Derby/ B.B.Q. in May. They have told me several boats are booked in but I need to know how
many people. Prawning continues to be closed in Howe Sound but if you go clear of boundary it is very good. Salmon fishing is typical for this time of year, put the time in & chances are you will succeed Next month there will be a big improvement & if weather permits the South End of Bowen will be place to go
Jamie Gibson PC 2425
Vancouver Police Marine Unit
Cell: 604-817-1946
Put this name & number in your phone he is the contact to report all poaching, trap thefts etc It is important for everyone outdoors to take notice & report anything illegal.

The Silva Bay Outing was a great success with 28 fishermen & women taking part(cant bring myself to say the p.c. word fisherperson) The weather was perfect, flat calm seas with no wind & everyone caught fish. The winning fish was caught by our  unusually very quiet friend Jen Schmaler with a 17.81lb chinook & once she had her hands on prize money she transformed into her usual  life & sole of a noisy dock party. Second was a 11.88lb chinook claimed by Frank but was last seen running down dock with money in hand being chased by Al who was shouting something about grabbing his rod & claiming his fish. Third was Dave with 11.60lbs chinook. Thanks to Derrick & Pacific Net & Twine & Dave from C Four Lures for adding to our prize list they were greatly appreciated All weights are for cleaned fish (guts & gills removed) We had a B.B.Q. of corn, beef tenderloin in a bun followed by apple pie & cream. We met Lisa the dock manager for the first time & she was very nice & accommodating & to avoid any dissapointment next year book up now. It costs nothing & you can always cancel later. After the first three the top 10 consisted od 4 Dave  5 Dave  6  Lori-Anne 7 Jen   8  Derek  9  Derek & 10  Sue with fish only a 1.4lbs difference between 4th & 10th


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Silva Bay May 2018





Silva Bay June 2018




Fillet a Salmon like a Pro





Silva Bay Outing

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Salt water fishing 2015 was one of the best in recent years with lots of fish still in local waters right into Oct. We had a very successful Open Derby & B.B.Q. in May with 132 entrants followed by an outing at Silva Bay attended by 39 members on May Long weekend. Along with those club members were well represented at 4 other big local derby events. This coming year will follow the same pattern with our open derby planned for first Sunday in May & Silva Bay outing for Victoria long weekend.There will be several more weekend trips to the likes of Nanaimo etc & even if one doesn’t win the big prize a good time is guaranteed

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I know it is early but if you are planning on going to Silva Bay for the long weekend BOOK NOW, Just had a call from Jenny at the marina & she told me there have been several big bookings & space will be at a premium. It costs nothing to book but if you dont & turn up without a booking the price is a lot of frustration

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We will be having the same derbies & outings in 2016 & if you want any info give me a call 604-444-9117



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