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Silva Bay Outing

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Salt water fishing 2015 was one of the best in recent years with lots of fish still in local waters right into Oct. We had a very successful Open Derby & B.B.Q. in May with 132 entrants followed by an outing at Silva Bay attended by 39 members on May Long weekend. Along with those club members were well represented at 4 other big local derby events. This coming year will follow the same pattern with our open derby planned for first Sunday in May & Silva Bay outing for Victoria long weekend.There will be several more weekend trips to the likes of Nanaimo etc & even if one doesn’t win the big prize a good time is guaranteed

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I know it is early but if you are planning on going to Silva Bay for the long weekend BOOK NOW, Just had a call from Jenny at the marina & she told me there have been several big bookings & space will be at a premium. It costs nothing to book but if you dont & turn up without a booking the price is a lot of frustration

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We will be having the same derbies & outings in 2016 & if you want any info give me a call 604-444-9117



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